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What did the elite of Europe use before the advent of soap? Soapwort! Why do we use soapwort for our multi-purpose cleanser? Because we believe in its superior-cleansing ability while being gentle to even the most sensitive skin.

This unique cleanser is made from mostly wild-crafted exotic ingredients. Do not expect to find these ingredients in other products - our formula is only suitable for small-batch manufacturing. 

We add lemon oil to enhance the cleansing effect and provide moisture. soapnut and shikakai are commonly used surfactant agents in India. They improve the lathering ability of soapwort, while being effective as cleansers to keep pores free from pollutants and toxins. 

Biovera Liquid Organic Cleanser is an ideal shower wash.

Complete list of ingredients: Aqua, shikakai extract, soapnut extract, soapwort, avocado oil, sea salt, lemon oil (from lemongrass), turmeric, natural vitamin e (from avocado oil).

Directions: Shake well before using. Apply 10 ml per shower or 5 ml per facial wash and rinse with water.

200 ml per bottle with convenient dispensing pump

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