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Nutrient deficiency, lack of light, blood circulation and hormonal changes can often be blamed for the onset of chronic skin disorders during the dark & cold season.

Free radical damage and especially uv over exposure are believed to be driving forces of rapid (premature) aging of our skin.

What if there was one cream to help with the effects of winter?

We are pleased to introduce Biovera Multi-Vitamin Cream. The most powerful 100 % organic & plant-based moisturizer available in North America.

The synergistic combination of skin healers such as avocado oil, wheat germ oil, carrot oil, sea buckthorn oil and potenised zinc, complemented by the addition of natural vitamins A, C, D3 and E assures your skin to remain healthy and youthful looking.

Experience the innovative combination of organic ingredients. Biovera Multi-Vitamin Cream is most effective if used after cleansing your skin with Biovera Liquid Organic Cleanser and/ or exfoliating with Biovera Ayurvedic Scrub. Apply sparingly twice daily.

Complete list of ingredients: Sunflower seed wax, vegetable glycerin, aqua, avocado oil, wheat germ oil, sea buckthorn oil, carrot oil (vitamin a), d-alpha tocoperol (natural vitamin e), vitamin d3, vitamin c, potenised zinc, phenethyl alcohol (from rose).

60 ml per jar

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